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Recently asked questions about conveyancing in Tilehurst

I am in a contract race with another prospective purchaser for a property in Tilehurst. What can I do to expedite the conveyancing process?

In the event that you are under time constraints to sign contracts it is advisable to make sure that your conveyancer is familiar with the location as they will make use of local contacts and knowledge. It is possible that they could have transacted otherproperties in the same street. Therefore consider using a Tilehurst conveyancing solicitor. In addition, double check that the conveyancing firm is on the lender panel. It is said that nearly one in five of Tilehurst conveyancing transactions are suspended or jeopardised after finding out that a purchaser’s conveyancer was not on their mortgage lender’s member panel. In many cases this discovery resulted in the home move being held up by an average of 21 days. It is understood that this issue affects approximately 100,000 home sales every year. Most Tilehurst conveyancing firms can not act for certain banks so do check at the outset.

My wife and I are downsizing from our house in Tilehurst and according to the buyers it appears that there is a risk of it being built on contaminated land. A local lawyer would know that there is no such problem. It does beg the question why the buyers are using a factory type conveyancing outfit rather than a conveyancing solicitor in Tilehurst. Having lived in Tilehurst for many years we know that this is a non issue. Should we get in touch with our local Authority to get clarification need.

It sounds as though you may have a conveyancing firm currently acting for you. Are they able to advise? You need to enquire of your lawyer before you do anything. It is very possible that once the local authority has been informed of a potential issue it cannot be insured against (a bit like being diagnosed with a serious illness and then taking out life insurance to cover that same sickness)

The deeds to my home can not be found. The solicitors who handled the conveyancing in Tilehurst 5 years ago are no longer around. What do I do?

As long as the title is registered the details of your proprietorship will be held by HMLR under a Title Number. It is possible to execute a search at the Land Registry, identify your property and obtain current copies of the property title for a small fee. Where the property is Leasehold then the Land Registry will usually hold a certified duplicate of the Registered Lease and again, a copy can be ordered for a small fee.

I opted to have a survey done on a property in Tilehurst ahead of appointing solicitors. I have been informed that there is a flying freehold overhang to the house. Our surveyor has said that some mortgage companies may not grant a loan on a flying freehold home.

It varies from the lender to lender. Lloyds has different requirements from Birmingham Midshires. Should you wish to call us we can check with the relevant bank. If you lender is happy to lend one our lawyers can help as they are accustomed to dealing with flying freeholds in Tilehurst. Conveyancing can be more complicated and therefore you should check with your conveyancing solicitor in Tilehurst to see if the conveyancing will be more expensive.

Last January I purchased a leasehold flat in Tilehurst. Do I have any liability for service charges relating to a period prior to my ownership?

Where the service charge has already been demanded from the previous owner and they have not paid you would not usually be personally liable for the arrears. However, your landlord may still be able to take action to forfeit the lease. A critical element of leasehold conveyancing for your conveyancer to ensure to have an up to date clear service charge receipt before completion of your purchase. If you have a mortgage this is likely to be a requirement of your lender.

If you purchase part way through an accounting year you may be liable for charges not yet demanded even if they relate to a period prior to your purchase. In such circumstances your conveyancer would normally arrange for the seller to set aside some money to cover their part of the period (usually called a service charge retention).

Tilehurst Leasehold Conveyancing - A selection of Queries before Purchasing

    Does the lease include onerous restrictions? Generally speaking the cost for major works are not included within service charges, albeit that there some managing agents in Tilehurst obliged leasehold owners to pay into a reserve fund and this is used to offset against larger works. It is important to be aware whether redecorating or some other significant cost is due in the near future that will be shared by the leaseholders and will dramatically increase the the service charges or necessitate a one time invoice.

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