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Recently asked questions about conveyancing in Bilston

My partner’s step-father is a solicitor. I suspect that I will receive mate’s fee for conveyancing, However if that does not come through, what kind of fees should I be paying for conveyancing in Bilston?

It’s wise to seek multiple conveyancing quotes. Make use of our comparison tool on this page. Whilst quotes will contrast greatly but the service one can expect are distinct between law firms as is the case with the vast majority of professional services.

Just acquired a semi-detached house in Bilston , how long will it take for the Land Registry to deal with the formalities evidencing my title? My Bilston conveyancing solicitor has been very slow, so I want to check the registration is addressed.

As far as conveyancing in Bilston registration is no quicker or slower than the rest of England and Wales. Rather than based on location, timescales can adjust subject to who lodges the application, whether it is in order and whether the Land registry need to notify any 3rd parties. At present approximately three quarters of submission are completed in less than three weeks but some can be subject to extensive hold-ups. Historically registration is effected once the buyer is living at the premises thus 'speed' is not always an essential issue yet where it is urgent that the the registration takes place urgently then you or your solicitor should contact the land registry and explain the circumstances.

How does the Landlord & Tenant Act 1954 affect my business offices in Bilston and how can you help?

The 1954 Act gives security of tenure to commercial leaseholders, giving them the legal entitlement to apply to court for a renewal lease and remain in occupation at the end of the lease term. There are certain specified grounds where a landlord can refrain from granting a lease renewal and the rules are complicated. We are happy to direct you to commercial conveyancing firms who use the act for protection and assist with commercial conveyancing in Bilston

I am employed by a long established estate agency in Bilston where we see a few leasehold sales jeopardised as a result of short leases. I have received contradictory information from local Bilston conveyancing firms. Can you shed some light as to whether the seller of a flat can initiate the lease extension formalities for the buyer?

As long as the seller has owned the lease for at least 2 years it is possible, to serve a Section 42 notice to commence the lease extension process and assign the benefit of the notice to the purchaser. This means that the proposed purchaser can avoid having to sit tight for 2 years for a lease extension. Both sets of lawyers will agree to form of assignment. The assignment needs to be completed before, or simultaneously with completion of the disposal of the property.

Alternatively, it may be possible to agree the lease extension with the freeholder either before or after the sale. If you are informally negotiating there are no rules and so you cannot insist on the landlord agreeing to grant an extension or transferring the benefit of an agreement to the buyer.

I acquired a 1 bedroom flat in Bilston, conveyancing having been completed 6 years ago. Can you shed any light on how much the price could be for a 90 year extension to my lease? Equivalent flats in Bilston with a long lease are worth £206,000. The ground rent is £45 invoiced annually. The lease runs out on 21st October 2090

With 66 years left to run we estimate the price of your lease extension to be between £12,400 and £14,200 as well as legals.

The suggested premium range above a general guide to costs for extending a lease, but we cannot give you the actual costs without more detailed investigations. Do not use the figures in tribunal or court proceedings. There may be other issues that need to be considered and clearly you want to be as accurate as possible in your negotiations. Neither should you take any other action placing reliance on this information before seeking the advice of a professional.

Midway through the sale of a leasehold flat in Bilston. Conveyancing is fine but we have been asked to pay a fortune by the managing agents. To date we have forked out £225 for a leasehold management pack and then a further £118 for additional questions raised by the purchaser's property lawyer.

You will not have control over the level of the fee for this information but the average costs for the information for Bilston leasehold premises is £360. When it comes to Bilston conveyancing sales it is usual for the owner to pay for these costs. The freeholder or their agents are under no legal obligation to address these questions although many will be content to do so - albeit often at exorbitant prices out of proportion to the work involved. Unfortunately there is no legislation that requires fixed fees for administrative tasks. There is no prescriptive time frame by which they are duty bound to provide the information.

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